Warehouse / Logistics

While building a warehouse for an e-store is no easy feat itself, think about building it for Amazon or Google! We’ve already done that, so no complexity can scare us off the project! Doing a construction in an active hospital environment is perhaps the most complex and challenging work in the industry. Maintaining safety, keeping a low level of noise and collaborating with facility’s staff requires an extremely well planned management. These are the keys to successfully completing the work with no interruption of services and minimal inconvenience to the patients, residents and staff members. We’ve got all the experience that’s needed to perform both a new construction and a renovation in a continuously inhabited and operating environment. Builderra has constructed more than 800 significant healthcare facilities and renovated thousands more. Our company’s name consistently pops on Modern Healthcare’s Top five list of leading healthcare construction management companies. Rest assured that our credentials, experience and in-house expertise benefit every healthcare construction project we undertake!